Real Estate 101: Part 1

What is Real Estate?

It’s an immovable property that consists of Land and  Land developments like Residential and Commercial Buildings.

Why is Land/Property Important?

Well, we all know that the Earth we live in has a rough composition of 2/3rds water including Ocean, Sea, Rivers and Ponds and only 1/3rd of Land.

Again in the 1/3rd Land, there are mountains, forests and many more which is left with only 10-20% land.

This land is called Arable land.

According to Wikipedia, the Arable land on this Earth is around 10.6%.

So what’s the big deal about this?

If you observe, regardless of which year or era we live in, we have a limited supply of land.

Probably there are only a few products made by nature which is constant and limited in supply, that’s why land is precious.

In the year 2000, the population in this world was around 6 Billion and currently, the population has exploded to around 7.9 Billion (790 crores) and it’s projected that the population may reach around 10 Billion by the end of this century.

Moreover, due to globalization, most of the people who live in rural areas are migrating to cities.

So it’s imperative to keep in mind that the land in the cities will demand higher and higher prices.

In India, there are lots of cities, but specifically, Hyderabad is best in terms of growth in the IT sector, Pharma sector and infrastructure.

A lot of FORTUNE 500 companies have already invested and will invest in and around the Hyderabad area.

IT companies like Amazon, Wipro, TCS have been invested millions and billions of dollars in this city and have their own campus.

There is a huge land bank available for the pharma companies in the southern part of Hyderabad.

Considering all these points, investing in Real Estate is one of the best investment decisions we can ever make.

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